From short captures of exciting new restaurants to multi-page celebrations of bbq and burgers and groundbreaking exposés of the environmental impact of sushi.

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    Bar-b-que Guide

    The best kinds of ’cue in Orlando and who is making them. But if you want to do it yourself (and good luck with that, by the way), check out smokers and grills that’ll get the job done and the difference between smoking and grilling, plus recipes, cookbooks and websites on barbecuing.

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    Chocolate Unwrapped

    It’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to romance and chocolate, two eternal concepts that have delighted and bedeviled us for centuries. Romantic love cannot be explained. Love of chocolate? Well, we’ll try our best.

  • What Ales You? Orlando's Craft Beer Scene

    Just in case you were wondering, the thirsty visitor to Orlando can find, without too much trouble, a few places to get a beer. Make that a lot of places. Orlando is alive with beers.

  • If You Knew Sushi ...

    Had raw fish lately? If not, it’s because you’ve consciously avoided it. The recent explosion of sushi bars, from boutique restaurants like Roy’s to the seafood counter at Publix and other supermarkets, has made sashimi the new hot ticket.

  • Fresh Takes

    Farmers markets provide a delightful stroll for the senses and the chance to bond with family and friends. On the following pages are five prime places where you can gather nature’s bounty and socialize among the greens.

  • The Sweet Life

    Dining critic Joseph Hayes has searched the city for the yummiest sweet treats—from pies and chocolates made with TLC, to killer ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. So pick up a napkin, drop the calorie counter and dig into a slice of sugar heaven.

feature writing

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    Musician Sam Rivers hit 80 in 2003. To celebrate, he did what he does best: he took to the stage

  • Talking restaurants, Khrushchev and Marilyn Monroe with Harris Rosen.

  • Writer and performer Spalding Gray spent his early years in Rhode Island, a child of Christian Scientist parents. Like most children, he was preoccupied with the intricacies of his family -- and sex. His microcosm extended as far as school, dead pets and making out with a neighborhood girl while "Sh-Boom" by The Crew Cuts played on the phonograph.

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  • As a writer on assignment, I've traveled to Italy, Scotland, England, New Orleans, California and New York City, with a specialty on all things Orlando. Whether it's a story about Arts & Crafts houses in Florida or new styles in computers, a Mounted Police squad or alien abduction insurance, I've written it. Environmental issues, music, movie and theater reviews and in-depth conversations with legends in jazz. Interviews and personality profiles are my specialty.

A full-time freelance writer since 1996, I've written for national and international publications about food, travel and the arts, and am currently the Dining Critic for Orlando Magazine. With 32 productions and readings of my plays from coast to coast and in three countries since 2001, and producer of the Jazz On Edge series since 2008, I advocate the cause of local, sustainable art.

food writer

  • Florida Magazine Association Award winning food writer and Orlando restaurant critic, currently for Orlando Magazine. James Beard Foundation judge, knowledgable champion of world cuisine and avid advocate of undiscovered chefs. I can write about the front of the house of a restaurant as well as the kitchen with equal expertise. Founding member, goFLA/SunshinePlate Central Florida.


  • My plays take place on buses and in bars, in hotel rooms and government offices, farmhouse kitchens and jazz stages. 32 productions and readings of my plays from coast to coast and in three countries since 2001; creator of House Theater Project and the year-long 13in13 series of shows. "Best local playwright - Joseph Hayes" - Orlando Sentinel

jazz producer

  • Producer of the Jazz On Edge series, spotlighting new and original jazz from Central Florida since 2008, showcasing the best that Central Florida has to offer in jazz to appreciative audiences, giving creative hometown and nationally-known musicians a place to perform their own music, without boundaries, in person and online. Board member, Timucua Arts Foundation.